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Lara Croft Crystal Xbox 360 with diamonds!

作者 TombCrow, 2006 四月 20, 上午 03:39:47

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Source: Bling My Thing/
Date: April 14th, 2006

Eidos Germany gave Tomb Raider star Lara Croft a unique makeover this month - by commissioning a special crystal mosaic of the character on an Xbox 360.

The console, crystallised by Berlin-based Bling My Thing, was commissioned as part of the much-anticipated launch of Tomb Raider: Legend. It contains an amazing 45.000 Swarovski crystals in over 20 colours, with each crystal painstakingly applied by hand, and is worth
€ 9.000,- / $11,000,-!

One side of the console features a portrait of Lara Croft, while the other has been crystallised with the Tomb Raider: Legend logo.

"We're very proud of the console," comments Bling My Thing's chief designer Ayano Kimura, who worked on the Xbox. "It's the only console of its type in the world, and a wonderful example of crystal mosaic art.

"The most challenging part of the design was Lara's hair, which has to flow smoothly in different directions. We had the most fun working on the gradation of the sky, which wouldn't have been possible without the "ctsyal volcano" crystals supplied by Swarovski. The colour is really beautiful and changes depending on which angle you look at it from."

Eidos Germany now plan to release a further 3 "blinged" consoles, this time using the Playstation 2 as the canvas for the unique crystal artwork. Each of the finished consoles will be raffled through selected partners.