The Great Chi 去世了

作者 xtimz, 2022 五月 30, 00:35:59

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我没想到,但仔细想想。《古墓丽影》发行了这么多年,许多人也真的老了。TRF 上居然有了一个专门悼念故人的专区!
里面有 rrcarroll、spong,但我突然发现,还有 The Great Chi。他应该是一个美国的华裔,非常乐观的一个人。他与我交流很多,因为都喜欢研究关卡。他去世前修改了自己以前的一篇文章,作为与古墓丽影爱好者们的告别。
引用 have found Chi's secret zone.

I was deciding whether or not to give my reasons for leaving the forum, and decided today to tell you all.

By the time you have found this last message and read this, I am dead. It was a long illness this last year, but do not grieve or feel sorry, as I was always ready to move on to the afterlife.

And yes I do know that there is an afterlife, as my wonderful wife who died a few years back gave me a message/sign in her way, that there is life after death, and so in fact did my mom and dad give a message/sign to me also when they passed.

My one regret is not seeing how this worldwide pandemic will pan out in this decade, maybe I will see it from the other side LOL. My one word of advice and maybe a big warning, is do not let this pandemic lose your freedoms. Freedom is essential, and so is to love and be loved in your lifetime.

As for this very friendly forum, made up of all nationalities coming together to enjoy all aspects of Tomb Raider, well I have enjoyed it very much as i loved the whole of Tomb Raider, enjoyed modding, met many friends, some very special to me, you know who you lot are, and gave people advice and help and vice versa, where people have helped me. I was very privileged to get the name of 'The Inscrutable one', and so still being inscrutable, I will not bore you with my life story LOL.

So farewell my friends, I go now Beyond the floating Islands, and hope to still have many adventures.

"Lets go adventuring" as Lara would say, Cheers Chi.
其实我早有预感,许多人的年龄都很大了。TRF 也只纪念了 TRF 上比较有名的网友。 像在 TRLE 上比较有名的 Mugs 只能去 TRLE 找。在此,我只能希望大家真心的照顾好自己的身体。当然,我这有点站着说话不腰疼,但我一时间也只能想出这么一句话了。