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The Buzz

Legend levels we tried which feature some tomb exploration, puzzles, gunplay, and new dragons lair style action events during cinemas had even the raider haters on our staff itching to slip into Lara\'s pants er boots.

It was the big decision, and the guys at Crystal Dynamics tackled it head-on.  Inheritors of Lara Croft and the tomb raider legacy after previous handlers Core Design nearly entombed the franchise for good, Crystal had to decide whether to make them bigger take them down a few sizes or leave them in the end they\'re still a bit scary says Lara Croft creator Toby Gard, whom Crystal hired to mastermind the she daredevil\'s re-design and back story but they\'re more reasonable she is more athletic.  Oh, don\'t pretend that you don\'t know what we are talking about.  It\'s her melons man!  The fact that Lara\'s bra size is more reasonable says Gard, has to do with the overall goal to make the game more realistic.  That reality check meant many tweaks beyond just the cup size for this franchise rebirth.  Lara\'s backpack, like her front rack, is no longer magically boundless.  Instead, weapons and gadgets are now visible on her character model.  She\'ll also get grimy when she tumbles in the dirt, and her tomb raiding attire clings to her bod when she gets soaked.  Don\'t get too excited; she dries off over time says producer Morgan Grey.  The games world is more rooted in reality, too, thanks to a truth to live physics engine that has puzzles making more sense.  In one tomb we raided Lara rolls boulders, marble madness style, into niches to open a giant door.  She\'ll use a new grappling hook to swing across chasms and yank down obstacles.  In fact, Lara feels much more natural in your hands now that Crystal Dynamics as abandoned the archaic, rigid based control scheme that plagued the series right up to 2005\'s Angel of Darkness.  We\'ve taken her off the grid, says Grey.  She doesn\'t move like a cow anymore.  She\'ll even stop herself automatically from falling off ledges and reach out her hands to make last-minute grabs.  She has her own movement artificial intelligence.  She is smart enough to put her hands where they should go and balance her body.  She\'ll save herself from the simple mistakes so you can focus on the big challenges.  The team revamped the combat system, too, giving Lara more to do with their guns, special targets of opportunity, such as collapsible walls, power lines, and the requisite exploding barrels, become tagged with a button on your controller; The button and Lara will shoot the target.  Slinking in close to bad guys let\'s her do special proximity attacks, such as jumping off enemies heads or stunning them with her grapple gun.  Tapping the right analog stick cycles through foes, although she can look down her gun sights for precise aiming.  That is not to say that Crystal has turned Lara\'s game into a first person shooter.  We never want the combat to be slow, plodding experience, Grey says.  We want players to always have Lara in motion, always have her flipping and leaping.  She is tougher than you or me, but she is still pretty easy to kill when she is just standing there.  See!  Realism!  But it\'s not like Crystal has gotten too carried away with bringing Lara Croft to the real world.  She is still not really proportioned like a normal human being but then the t with your knowledge on Tomb Raider world is not the real world, although it\'s more real than before.  It\'s more like a comic book now. By: Crispin Boyer electronic gaming monthly issue number 199 January 2006