Baptism of Fire 2

作者 GeorgeMaciver, 2006 十二月 05, 22:45:37

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With the launch of the Baptism of Fire project this morning and its release at, it is time to start gearing up for next year's Baptism of Fire project.

Here are the rules:

Only level builders who have never released a level may apply (you may have built a dozen levels but never released any and that's fine, you're what we're looking for). Total beginners to the Editor who have never built a room or studied the Tutorial level can go and build the official tutorial level between now and January to acquaint themselves with the basics first.

Only one level per builder. This is not negotiable as every builder has to have their level listed in the title menu and so Play Any Level will be enabled in the script.

Start date will be January 1 with release on June 1st.

A minimum of 60 rooms to be eligible to be included in the final package. 60 rooms in 5 months is 3 rooms per week, on average (including passageways and small rooms). If you can't handle that, forget about level building. Most levels average 150 rooms and some are well over 200.

You will have a private lounge and access to all you need to be successful in bringing your work up to a playable standard for release. You will learn the whole process from building your first room to release and everything that's involved. Your work will be properly beta tested and packaged to a high standard. In short, you will be set up for a successful experience.

But please note we don't wave magic wands and magic your levels into the Top Fifty charts for you. It's hard work that requires commitment and dedication. If you haven't got that, don't apply.

If you're interested, put your name down in this thread

New Builders for the Baptism of Fire project, Jan 1 2007

Amber Light

Builders to Advise and Help

George Mac
Bedazzled - technical advisor