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Mugs 去世了。。。

作者 xtimz, 2017 八月 26, 上午 04:55:53

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这是 trle.net 的拥有者 MichaelP 为她写的留言:

Sometimes we only realize how much a person has touched people and left a mark in this world when we lose them...

Maybe more than many of us at the trle.net community would care to admit, Pat has guided and guarded us for almost 15 years, since she joined the forum back in 2002. She was always there, always kind, always helpful and seeing the good in every single member. She was really a trusted advisor in the background for many individuals.

As the webmaster of trle.net, I am very sad that I never got the chance to meet her in person myself - and yet I feel I have actually known her quite well over all those years through many interactions - and while we did not always agree on everything, we could always see eye to eye after sorting our way through a heated discussion on a controversial subject.

It is such a devastating thought that Pat won't be around our community anymore - but then again, she always will be - as all of us, who had the priviledge to be in touch with her, will never forget her...

Rest in Peace, Pat! Please keep watching over us, as you always have - we need you!
~  Michael Prager, Frankfurt, Germany