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AOD Revised 5-8

作者 maxchen, 2009 六月 01, 上午 08:57:11

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Lara has visited the dead Werner Von Croy's old friend Mlle. Carvier who gave her Von Croy's old notebook. The police are after Lara because they think she killed Von Croy...


Werner's notebook talks about a client called Pieter Van Eckhardt and Louis Bouchard. It also says Bouchard used to own a club, Le Serpent Rouge. There was a barman who worked there, called Pierre, who now works at Cafe' Metro. Lara must get Pierre's key to get into the club and find Bouchard to finally discover the truth of Von Croy's death...


Lara has entered the club via the garage entrance. The notebook says Bouchard's Hideout is on the other side of the street which means getting on the top level of the club and exiting via the control room. With thirty armed guards equipped with M-V9s roaming top to bottom of the club, the chances of getting out alive are slim...


According to Werner's notebook, Von Croy had discovered the location of Bouchard's secret hideout to be in a grave in St. Aicard's Graveyard. It is owned by a Francine Jones. When Lara enters her house, she sounds the alarm. The alarm triggers Rottweilers and ninjas to prowl around the grounds...


Lara has dropped into a dark and desolate place. If Bouchard felt to keep it so secret, he must've armed many traps to kill any intruders that walk his premises. Lara planned that when she would find Bouchard, she would go after Eckhardt. The notebook reads that his hideout is in the Louvre Storm Drains underneath Rennes' Pawn Shop. But what if he too was expecting intruders. He would have surely armed a bomb to go off when someone like Lara walked in there...