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Mystery Of The Moon Temple

作者 maxchen, 2009 五月 24, 上午 09:26:24

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故事概要:Lara Croft sets out again today to the excavations of the Moon Temple. Although the last visit was disastrous, our heroine does not let herself cut down so easily. She will thus discover a tunnel that was hidden by a gigantic statue. Lara will discover a place named 'Room of Secrets'. In a Greek myth, this place was rumoured to be the hiding place of the famous 'Iris' artifact. Lara will explore these caves underwater and will discover things which would be better not to be discovered?These places were built by the Greek Gods and it will certainly not be a walk in the park?Importantly, explore each corner of the adventure and do not risk to miss an object and be blocked for the continuation of the game?