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The Secrets of Nepal

作者 maxchen, 2009 五月 19, 上午 09:11:26

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故事概要:Our mission begins in Nepal with Lara Croft, our intrepid adventurer, on the hunt for the holy grail.

According to ancient documents written by the knights templar and found near the Jordan basin near Israel, the original guardians of the grail moved it in the 4th century to Nepal, where according to Legend it has remained ever since guarded by Nepalese monks.

Hot on the trail, Lara follows a lead she got from her ancient artefact advisor and old friend Jean Louis Pierre. Thanks to his help she now has a copy of ancient documents which contain encrypted clues as to where the grail may reside.

Our mission begins in the foothills of the Himalayas Ridge that crosses Nepal. But Lara soon discovers that an organization called tech mines are digging for gold in Nepal. Will Lara be stopped in her tracks?