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Curse of the Scarab

作者 maxchen, 2009 四月 23, 上午 08:58:24

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故事概要:While in Cairo, Lara visits a store that sells blackmarket Egyptian antiquities. She buys a black scarab signet ring that catches her eye. She later learns through her contacts at the Cairo Museum that the ring once belonged to an unknown pharaoh whose tomb has never been found. Legend has it that the Pharaoh used the symbol of the scarab as his personal totem and that after his death he was buried in an underground labyrinth. Lara returns to the store and beats the location of the tomb out of the shady dealer but she learns that tomb robbers are already on site. Despite warnings from her friends at the Museum that the tomb is cursed, Lara rushes to the site of the tomb and enters the labyrinth