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#2128 The Serpent Gemstone

作者 skyx, 2009 六月 13, 下午 04:28:42

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作者:God Horus
关卡简介:After moving into her mansion, archaeologist Lara Croft came across some very intriguing files mentioning an artifact called The Serpent Gemstone. Dazzled by the beauty of this gorgeous light blue crystal carved into the shape of a deadly serpent, Miss. Croft began nearly a six week quest for the artifact.

The files lead her to believe the artifact was hidden in Australia. She came back empty handed, and also traveled to Malaysia where she believed the artifact was hidden. Once again returning home empty handed, Lara discovered the artifact could very well be hidden in some deserted ruins at the ends of Venice. She was unable to find the artifact in Venice, but she found a solid clue which lead her to believe the artifact was hidden in Peru.

Several days later, she received a tip from archaeologist Jade Loh that the artifact was hidden near the City of Vilcabamba. Now her quest begins... and it\'s time to play for one reason - sport.
下载地址: http://www.laraslevelbase.org/box_download.asp?Id=2128