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#2098 Baptism of Fire 3 - Almourol Place/火的洗礼3-阿莫罗城堡

作者 Linvel, 2009 三月 13, 上午 07:13:58

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关卡简介:Late one night as Lara was resting after a hard day\'s work in the garden, her telephone rings and it\'s her agent. \'We need your help Lara, the missing Eye of Horus is believed to be hidden somewhere in Almourol Place and we need you to take a look in there immediately, to retrieve it and bring it back to its rightful owner\'.
Lara was not too happy, she was very tired and needed some rest, but how could she refuse? This was her agent calling! \'Okay,\' she said, give me 10 minutes to refresh myself and I\'ll go in. What about security? Anything I need to know?\'
\'Everything is fine,\' her agent replied, \'they have all gone to an important annual meeting and Almourol Place will be deserted for about 3 hours. I know you can do this Lara, you have been to far more dangerous places, this will be easy!\' \'Hmmm,\' muttered Lara to herself.
Almourol Place is not what it seems, it\'s deserted but full of traps of deadly waters and burning floors. Can she get the Eye of Horus back in time before normality has been restored? Time will tell.