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CIL by Masashi Ito-Vinci

Walkthrough written by Kristina

IMPORTANT NOTE:This walkthrough is written and published exclusively for trle.net. You are not permitted in any way to edit, delete or alter the text or pictures included no matter what minor a change that would be for any reason whatsoever. You are not allowed to post it in your website, if you wish to do so ask for my permission. If you find any errors then please contact me.

NOTE: There might be more than one ways to perform a jump and reach some of the areas in this game, however there is only one described in this walkthrough with the exception for a couple of places. A big thank you to Halcyon for giving me permission to use her pictures for two of the secrets. Another big thank you goes to the author for his help. Also I'd like to thank everyone at this forum that helped me during my first attempt to play this very challenging game.


The level starts and the first thing to do is to get a secret. If you look above you there is a jeep and next to it there is a small medipack; to get it you need to go where two slopes meet a little further with a flat surface above and a big tree. Jump between those two slopes going higher and higher every time until you can land. (Picture 1)

From there you must jump across the stream and perform a few more jumps until you can't go any further on that side. Look at the opposite side and you will see a 'V' shaped between two slopes, jump a couple of times back and forth onto those slopes to land on the flat surface. Then jump near the jeep for SECRET 1#, a small medipack. (Picture 2 and 3) Drop down to the first waterfall to get another secret. There is another stream with slopes around and flat surfaces you can't reach yet, with a waterfall high up.

With that waterfall on your right hand, position Lara to the left side of the middle sloped surface. You need to pull up from the water where you see the "X" in the picture, back flip and try to jump on the edge of the slope behind you, then immediately jump again to grab the edge of the flat surface in front. (Picture 4) From there go to the right side of the stream and work your way up until you can't go any further with jumps. (Picture 5) Grab the slope and shimmy all the way to the left, pull up and back flip between the two dark slopes to land on the safe surface above. Jump to the right side and into a small alcove; the next move is a little tricky. (Picture 6) You have to jump to the slopes ahead and to the left side to land on the flat surface. Then you can easily jump onto the waterfall to pick up the flares which is SECRET 2#. (Picture 7)

NOTE: There is another way to reach the upper rocks. After you drop from the shallow stream down to the first pool, climb out of the water at the \"V\" shaped point on the West bank. Back flip with roll to grab the East bank, shimmy left and jump back across to land standing on the "V" slope and from there jump across to a flat rock. Proceed as described above, following the previous paragraph to reach the waterfall with the flares.

You drop down from the second secret and swim a little until the current carries you to another area of the waterfalls. Slide down the waterfall now and climb up the rocks using also the mauve structure. There is a column with a face on it nearby so you know you are on the right track; when you can't get any higher jump on the column and from there to the flat rock on the left. The next jump is difficult. You have to slide on the West slope jump and slide all the way to the right on the South one but do not jump just let Lara slide and hopefully she will go right and then you can jump and land on the flat surface. Grab the slope in front of you and back flip. (Picture 8) Climb up the dark rock now and jump to slide on the South-East slope to get to the waterfall. You can also try by the slopes across and make it to the ladder to go up on foot. It is hard, I succeeded going to the top on foot but you might want to take the bike and drive up. Both ways are correct but if you choose the bike then you will miss the third secret.

The way to the ladder is by the dark rocks on the East so go there and climb up. From the light brown blocks above you have to jump and grab the block with the ladder. From there it's just a matter of jumping onto slides and flat surfaces. (Picture 9) When you can't go any further by jumping and if you did everything right, you will probably have a "V" shaped block in front of you (the "X" at the picture shows you where the "V" is) so grab the middle of it by jumping forward and pressing action. Lara will grab it and pull up on the flat block. (Picture 10) If you choose to go up with the bike, from the slope you dropped on the waterfall with the water, jump to the slope at the right corner then to the next slope and grab, shimmy to the right and back flip on the block behind you. (Picture 11)

You can see the bike now, go to it turn it around and go back up to the waterfall the same way you got here. When you reach the waterfall continue straight and turn right at the end of the path, drive up the waterfall and on your left you'll see some brown rocks with a slide that the bike can get on. Keep going up with the bike by the slopes and rocks and go to the other side, drive up the mauve structure. Be careful now not to drop and try to drive up the slopes. Above is the LASER-SIGHT and if you look down on a block a small medipack, SECRET 3#. If you made it here on foot you can get the secret (Picture 12) if not then the medi pack will be on fire. (Picture 13)

Now you can go back down and get the bike to enter CIL 2 if you got to the laser-sight on foot or you can continue and come back from CIL 2 when needed to find another bike at the beginning of CIL 1.

CIL 2 (Part 1)

Enter CIL 2 and perform a few hard jumps as shown in the picture to get the crossbow. First you need to jump as far as possible on the multicoloured slope, from there jump backwards on the slope behind you and then forward to the slope next to the multicoloured structure. Continue jumping to get on the flat dark coloured structure and from there jump over to the multicoloured one to get the CROSSBOW. (Picture 14) Get the bike and drive to the other side using the sloped structure on your right. Get off the bike pass the water structure and the small pool and go to the other side. Find a small garden with some water and flowers, press action in front of one of the roses to get a PETAL. Now you need to make it on the rooftops to get a secret and push a switch that will give you access to the bonus level "Search" later on.

From the pink step near the dark steps you enter CIL 3 you have to do a running jump and land on the sloped block facing South, from there hang pull up (or if you can just keep jumping back and forth on the slopes until you reach the flat surface) and back flip to jump on the brown slope and by curving to the left try and land on the flat surface at the left rock. There is a trick here that will make Lara jump quite far, more than usual. From the pink step with the slope in front as mentioned above aim for the slope's right corner (see the "X" marked in the picture) and jump. If you do it right Lara will get a good boost. (Picture 15)

From there make a running jump over the slope on your left and try to land or grab the edge of the mauve structure. Another running jump to the slope on your left and try to grab the slope of the brown structure that is West. Shimmy all the way to the left, pull up back flip to the mauve structure behind and aim for the far left slope of the brown structure you were hanging from earlier. Lara must be facing the tall block with the white on top and try to land there curving to the right or grab and pull up. Jump from the block to the light brown structure at your left (South-West) and slide down towards the brown cat-way. (Picture 16 and 17) Turn East and jump onto the semi sloped block, jump again to grab the brown North rock and pull up. Continue North and walk all the way where you see a triangular rock with a blue top. (Picture 18) Jump over it and drop down the hole for SECRET 1#, flares and a big medipack. Go down through the crawlspace to find the level that will open the door for the bonus level "Search".

There is another secret you can access with the bike by driving up the orange slope near the pool, which is closed for now, and then jump to the left and forward to the left again, grab pull up and back flip to land on the orange flat surface. Over the gap in front is SECRET 2#, arrows. (Picture 19 and 20)

NOTE: It has been observed by some players that this secret might not exist until you get back from CIL 3.

You can go back to where the bike is by making a running jump and slide to the pinkish slope to grab the ledge ahead. (Picture 21) Get the bike down because you'll need it later on. There is another bike back in CIL 1 but it is between the two levels and when you try to get it the other level loads. I only managed to get it once and never again.

CIL 3 (Part 1)

Enter CIL 3 make a side jump either at the left or right side of the blue structure that is in your way, continue passed the small pool with a closed door and when you arrive at the open area shoot the blue ball that is hanging between the two statues. Look at the nice flyby showing you the areas you'll be visiting next and a small scorpion carrying the gem that was dropped, who knows where. Go back where you saw the closed door and enter it. You will have to deal with spike balls now coming down on you so you have to be very careful of those plus the spikes and a fire. Jump to the right side onto the slope and jump again to the sloped surface before the fire (the one that has an upside down "V"), back flip to the opposite slope. From there jump over the spikes to the next slope on your left, slide for just a second on the slope between the spikes and immediately jump over the last set of spikes. Make one last jump onto the slope facing to the right that is over the gap, to land on the flat surface ahead. (Picture 22 and 23) Once you succeed kill the bats and turn to face the opening on the other end. You have to perform a running jump and aim between the slopes so that Lara stands on the flat surface. (Picture 24) Go up and monkey swing across the gap to push a button which will activate a blue object down below to help you do another jump.

Drop in the hole that's behind the button and slide down. Once on the last flat surface down there try to slide and catch the block with the moving object, crouch at the same time so that you won't catch fire if the object knocks you back, then jump to the left. You can of course retrace your steps and get back the way you came. Now get near the whitish block and be careful not to get hit by the object get into position and wait for it to come back, then step on the whitish block and it will give you a good push so aim for the flat structure on the right of it. Look up before you go into the lava room and notice a small opening, that's a secret. You have to jump back and forth onto the two slopes going higher every time and try to squeeze into the opening at the right corner for SECRET 1#. (Picture 25)

Now go to the lava room with the blades and crashers on your right hand, jump to the slope ahead and grab the edge of the structure with the blades. One side of that block is climbable, climb around the corner and back flip to the slope behind you. Keep jumping towards the left slope minding the blades but when you reach it roll in mid air and try to land on the flat block. (Picture 26) Once there jump to the block ahead. Push the lever to open the door in the same room. You must then jump on the collapsing tile and shoot the wood behind the door to access that area later on but you won't have much time as you need to quickly jump onto the safe block behind you. (Picture 27) If you can't make it there is another way to shoot that wood from the room outside where the wood is but I will describe that later when we get there.

Now side jump to pass those two crashers and take note the slope on the left because that's where you're going. Your goal is to land on the flat surface in front of it, from there jump to the reddish semi sloped block. Now line a jump to reach the slope ahead so that by jumping back and forth a few times you land on the flat block. (Picture 28) Turn around and look down, you see steps of some sort, you need to reach the last one and grab the ladder. Climb down back flip and press the right arrow to land inside the opening. (Picture 29) Push the lever watch the flyby and with your back to the opening back flip to land on a slope below, let Lara slide to the next slope jump forward, jump on the left slope then to the one ahead of it and finally grab the edge of the opened door. Shimmy as far right as possible, back flip and roll in mid air pressing the right arrow to grab the far left of the ladder otherwise Lara might not want to move if she has no space between her legs and the slope below the ladder. Climb up and jump to grab the other ladder ahead. Go all the way to the right of the ladder back flip slide on the block and try with the right arrow and action pressed to land on the flat block on your right. (Picture 30) Now facing the South block jump on it and walk up, kill the scorpion get the GEM and have a look at the rose which is the other secret that we will get later from another area. Go back and jump onto the small slope to grab the ladder but don't climb up yet because the door above is closed for now. Go as far to the right as possible and back flip from the ladder to the slope behind and immediately curve to the right to get into the opening.

We are at the elevators area and you need to jump to that blue elevator you see North-West. Before you reach the spikes jump to the slope that's North (Picture 31) and from there to the 2nd elevator and onto the 3rd but before you reach the ceiling when you are a little higher up from the sloped blocks with the faces do a running jump to try and land between them into the opening. (Picture 32) You must avoid the spikes that are coming down when you reach the 3rd elevator. The way I did it was to jump on the third elevator and quickly hang from the side until the spikes dropped down. There are some collapsing tiles in this area. I didn't use them because I found it confusing to get back to the opening from there. Basically they are to help you soot another wood like the one in the lava room so that you get out to the above level of this area. You can shoot that wood though from another area as well so I chose that way.

Before you proceed after stepping onto the blue tiles and watching a flyby with a door opening, jump and slide to the right slope with the face to land on the flat block ahead. From there angle a jump to where a big yellow Egyptian picture is to get SECRET 2#, a small medipack. (Picture 33) Get back to the flat block before the slope with the face you jumped on earlier and from there step on the edge of the block, make a jump pressing action at the last minute to land inside the opening below the slopes with the faces. Turn right, the left side brings you back up to the tiles so don't bother, jump to the slope and grab the ladder. After the ladder and to the left there is a hole. If you haven't shot the wood from the collapsing tiles you need to draw guns drop down shoot while sliding holster and grab the crawlspace. I know it sounds horrible but there are more difficult things in these levels that one is easy considering.

Crawl and get out from the left side then jump inside the small crack, minding the spikes that are coming down, you see on the North wall. Now it's time to get the rose so follow the corridors, drop and get the small medipack. The tile collapses and you get the red bugs, so quickly grab the ROSE which is SECRET 3# and go down, crawl to the left and shoot the wood. The red bugs will follow you so run and jump, grab the ladder and jump over the lava hole to grab the crawlspace; you will get back to the lava room with the ladders.

Now we can go up that ladder and enter the door that has opened, remember the flyby from when you stepped at the blue tile. You are ready to enter the skeletons room (blue room) but remember that you can't draw guns in there or Lara will burn. Inside that room is the wood which you saw and probably shot from the lava room earlier and there is also a vase. If you haven't shot the wood, then you need to climb down the ladder, back flip draw guns and while sliding down shoot the wood on the right side but you must holster before Lara enters that room otherwise even on air she will burn. (Picture 34 and 35) Lure the skeleton and let him destroy the vase, enter the crawlspace. In the next room with ladders and ledges grab the rope swing once, stop and let Lara get her feet up then swing once more and she will go sky-high. Grab the North ladder (you can even grab the ledge) and make it to the ledge above and to the one above that, to get inside the opening that's in the structure that's hanging from the ceiling.

The trapdoor opens so go above through the hole. You are at the area with the two timed doors. Note the West block because every time you pull a switch you need to run to that block. Kill the big scorpion and one on the upper level. Now in this area if you explore you will find an area with slopes and a hole with lava inside, on a block you'll find some flares. Don't go back to the previous level yet you need to do the timed runs to turn off a fire and pass with the bike which you will go back to get and solve a puzzle. Go back outside and on the upper level. Save your game here. Pull the switch, jump down get up on the West block, then turn right and start sprinting to catch the door open. You will do it twice once on foot and once with the bike, I don't know how many times before you succeed. So turn right and see the switch. Save your game here. Pull the switch roll, slide on the slope turn right sprint and jump on the pink flat surface, jump on the slide to get across and run for the outside switch. Pull it turn left jump down and sprint to the West block climb it and run like hell to catch both doors open.

Immediately jump to make it across and avoid burning Lara, climb up. Once you make it past the fires and you're inside a room with nothing but a brown structure turn North and try to jump to the left. Trust me there is a block there behind the corner. (Picture 36) Go up the blocks and slide to the slopes back and forth to stand on the flat block, from there climb all the way up. You see a blue scorpion, don't kill it let it go to the other tile, you also see switches; one has spikes the other fire. When the scorpion gets to the other tile with the blue sign the spikes retract. Pull the switch and the fire on the tile with the other one turns off, go and pull that switch too. If you look down the hole nearby you will see that the fires are gone after the timed doors.

Go back the way you came and do the angled jump again from the block; from there face East and jump onto the structure on the wall and from there face South and jump inside the opening. You are back in the area with the timed doors, make your way to the upper level near the switch past the slopes and lava and go up the steps to enter CIL 2.

CIL 2 (Part 2)

A ninja is shooting at you respond accordingly. Climb the crates on the left and go up, jump to the waterfall and get inside. Start swimming through the tunnels, get out of the water and first push the button you see to open the glass door. Kill the mutant and get the CASE for the gem from the yellow glass plus the FEEDER and TAPE from the tables in the next room. There is another secret to get now so close the trapdoor on the floor with the switch you see nearby and open the ceiling trapdoor, climb out go down the big hole with the lowered elevator (you saw it lowering and revealing a ninja in the flyby earlier). Go through the waterfall again and swim down, this time when you reach the area you climbed out of the water previously you will see an opening there which was hidden by the trapdoor, this is SECRET 3#, a small medipack.

Now after you get the secret exit through the waterfall again and make your way down and to the area with the balls and holes, don't bother yet you must go up and get the bike first. So just go around to the opening on the other side, climb the crates and slide down to the previously visited area in the beginning of CIL 2. Now combine the feeder and tape and place it on the bike. Drive up the orange slope to the left drop to the blue ledge below and from there down and enter CIL 3 again. Leave the bike in front of the timed door and repeat what you did earlier to open both doors and pass with the bike.

When you succeed drive the bike up and drop down from the brown floor; from there go to the bottom of the area with the spikes and slides and jump across to get inside the opening, up the ramp and drop to the gap in the middle of the slides and spikes. Drive up and exit through the door to go back to CIL 2 and drop with the bike down the trapdoor. Make your way down to where the balls and fires are. The puzzle is simple drop the balls with the reach in switches in the middle structure and drive over the remaining fire to turn it off. That will open the way to proceed. Apparently the switches you see around are to close or open the trapdoors and control which way the balls will go or even help you get the bike down, I never used them though. Go inside the crawlspace and head first for the timed fire. Run and jump to the brown block with the blue circle, quickly crawl and run-grab the block ahead and crawl to reach the switch before the fire starts again.

Pull the switch and get back by either crawlspace to the right or left from the fire. The door now is open to get in the room with the levers but don't go there yet go to the area with moving objects. Combine the gem with the case and place it in the receptacle. In the next room you see objects and fires on a platform deeper into the room with a switch on the left side and a door on the right side. Every time you push an object to a marked tile or step on one some fires ahead turn off but not for long so you have to clear the way to the left switch that opens the door to the right and enter the door before it closes, it's timed.

Now you need to arrange those objects in such a way that the face you see in the air and the other object near it will form a complete shape. Of course it will also turn off some of the fires to make way for you to reach the switch and open the door which hides a clue for a secret. One of the pillars is also movable, position the three objects as shown in the first part of the picture and then move them and the pillar on the tiles shown in the second part of the picture. (Picture 37)

NOTE: An elaborated description concerning the levers and symbols is provided by a forum member whom we thank, Halcyon. Bear in mind that the explanation talks about five levers, ten in total but two were removed in the current version. Nonetheless the description is still valid and helpful.

"The two doors that lead to the room with the ring of Ba can be opened simultaneously by activating five levers. Each of the levers is represented by one of the symbols on the red object in the centre of the room. (Picture 38) The clues to the five lever combination are located in the room with the moveable objects and the adjoining fire slope room:-
Two symbols (5 and 7) are on the Blue Gem artifact that is used to open the door to the fire slope room.
Two more symbols (9 and 5) are on the wall of the passage behind the timed door at the top of the fire slope.
To view the other three symbols (2, 9 and 10) you must arrange the moveable objects so as to fit together the floating black and gold jigsaw puzzle pieces to form an Egyptian mask. When the mask is correctly formed, the second set of floating puzzle pieces (three transparent shapes in the South-East corner of the room) also fit together to form a single 3D structure. If you look at this transparent 3D structure from the North or South the 2D side view is symbol 2. When viewed from the East or West the 2D side view is symbol 10. If you stand beneath the structure and look up at the underside the 2D view is symbol 9.

You now have the solution to the lever puzzle:
Lever 2 (on the North-South side of the 3D puzzle)
Lever 5 (on the blue gem key and also on the wall behind the timed door)
Lever 7 (on the blue gem key)
Lever 9 (on the wall behind the timed door and also on the underside of the 3D puzzle)
Lever 10 (on the East-West side of the 3D puzzle)
Activate each of the five levers once (regardless of whether the corresponding symbol appears once or twice) and both doors will open at the same time.

Not part of the same puzzle, but on a related note - I think the ankh symbol (8) on the blue door at the entrance of the fire slope room might be a clue regarding the lever that opens the high door in the room with the ring of Ba."

At some point a jump switch might appear in the small side room preventing you from getting stuck in case you need to go back out. It reopens the crawlspace-sized door where you entered the building.

Here is what the author says about the room with the many levers, and we quote:

"10 levers room (2 levers were removed).
There is a relation between the10 symbols of the balloon and the 10 levers.
The pushing 3D puzzle gives 3 symbols.
You can\'t see the1 symbol but you can see it from the bottom.
(The forecast is possible, if you used 3D-CAD.)
You can find this bottom side symbol in the small room after the slope with the fires.
You will find another, a triangle symbol in the same small room after the slope with the fires.
The triangle symbol makes a pair with another one.
The pair symbol is displayed on the combined blue gem.
In total, you can find five symbols.
Though reasoning is difficult, you can see 5 small holes on the door texture inside the small room after the slope with the fires.
This puzzle type is not for Tomb Raider; it is the Myst or the Schizm type puzzle."

In that same area is a crawlspace with a block to the left of it. You have to stand on the triangular block behind it and do a running jump to grab the crawlspace.

Inside is a lever that is useful in the other puzzle with the eight levers. Now go back to solve the levers puzzle. Combine the petal with the rose and place it in the receptacle. Now what I did was to find the combination to open the first door and then went back to the crawlspace and pushed the lever again. Now to open the doors, go to the levers at the right side as you enter the room. Right side: 1=facing doors, 2=facing entrance, 3=facing doors, 4=facing doors. Left side: 1=facing doors, 2=facing doors, 3=facing doors, 4=facing entrance. (Picture 39 and 40)

Apparently there is another way to solve the puzzle found by Michael Prager which is the following: Go to the room with the puzzle pieces, enter the crawlspace and push the single lever TWICE. Go back to the 8 lever room and push the second and forth on the left and the second, third and forth on the right and both doors will be open.

Easy stuff now, slide down climb the block watching out for the spikes and get the RING OF BA. Then save and go look at a beautiful end by entering the hole that is north in that room. Then reload and use the rope to enter the opening high up, there is also a monkey swing on the ceiling but you don't need it, the rope will get you there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now when you slide down and catch the elevator-statue which helps Lara to go up, SAVE your game and keep that savegame because from there you will access both bonus levels, the "Search" and "Castle". They are not linked so you can't jump from one to the other. You will have to go up the elevator anyway so by dropping down in the pool you can access the "Castle" after a while and by going through the blue corridor up there without dropping down you access "Search". I will begin describing "Castle".

CIL 1 (Part 2)

From the elevator drop into the pool, choose the side that is close to the statue's hand and try to jump as close as you can to land inside the pool. Get out of the pool and go to the blue climbable structure, climb up and make your way to the West blocks. From there you have to jump on the inner side of the diamond and grab the opening in front. (Picture 41) Now comes the hard part, in the next room you have to make it to the switch above by grabbing the West slope on the left side and back flip on the one behind curving to the right trying to grab the brown slope. Shimmy around the corner which is marked with an "X" in the picture, go to the right and about the middle, then pull up back flip curving to the left and keep the jump key pressed. She will bounce a couple of times on the edge of the slope then keep jumping to the next until you reach the last one and then you have to curve right to land on the flat block next to the switch. Pull the switch and see a flyby with the water clearing in another room. (Picture 42)

Get out of this room and turn West. Shoot to the break the letters in front of you which spell the words "THE END". Jump across and get the HAT that has the hint for the 'Eye of Eve' secret and pull the switch. Get up on the snake structure jump and enter the opening. You have to jump on the block and from there turn around and face the corner where you see the yellow dot in the pciture. You need to jump as close as possible to the dot and Lara, if you hit the right spot, will get into a strange position that will allow her to jump backwards from the waterfall and land next to the 'Eye of Eve'. Now pick up SECRET 4#, the EYE OF EVE. (Picture 43 and 44)

Now you can proceed, drop in the water and climb out at the block in front. Walk further and when Lara hits the water roll and start swimming, it looks like you're going down but you're actually going up. It might not seem as if you're going anywhere and might even make you a little dizzy but keep swimming until you get up on the pyramid. Once on the pyramid slide West and before the flyby is finished go get the big medipack that's close to the jeep, you can move Lara during camera move here. You won't be able to see much so just stop before you reach the jeep and try to pick up the big medipack which is a step after the green plant.


Enter the castle go down the stairs and turn left; you will drop through a trapdoor safely into water. Shoot the barrier, pick up some flares from the next room, proceed and go up the stairs. Try an angled jump to catch the crawlspace on the left. Once out of the crawlspace look up and enter another one. Drop pull the switch you'll find and then go back the way you came by jumping onto the slope and grabbing the crack in front to shimmy around to the crawlspace. Up the stairs again and through the door you opened. Go to the area with the crates kill the SAS guards and search around for flares, uzi clips and a moving crate. Shoot the grill and go to the next room for some revolver ammo and the LASER-SIGHT. Go back and continue past the crates and up the stairs, explore the crates on the right for uzi clips and continue on the other side. Now here is the first difficulty, position Lara with her back to the opening in the corner and back flip ready to grab the ladder. Shimmy all the way to the right and back flip. (Picture 45, 46 and 47)

Go on through the greenery until you reach the slope, now you have to jump on the slope right from the one you see in front of you then jump and grab the next and jump back and forth until you make it to the blue one from the inside of the corner and from there jump on the safe block ahead. Don't try to land when you reach the blue slope from the inside because spikes will kill Lara. (Picture 48) Shoot the barrier and crawl inside. Drop down and follow the path, shoot two grates and a SAS guard and you have arrived in an area with spikes. You have to slide to the slope on the left that's facing a grill you can't see from here, shoot it holster and go inside the crawlspace. Go right find the REVOLVER and then go to the other side to get back behind the spikes. Make it past them by jumping over the slope on the right side. When you are standing on the flat block jump up and forward a little to make the spikes appear and quickly press action and up to get inside the opening and immediately roll. Climb the ladder on the right and get outside the castle. Go to the switch on the wall and prepare for a timed run. You have to pull the switch turn left jump to the right slope jump again to land on the flat ground ahead run jump to the blue slope and jump again to land on the flat ground, sprint jump to the blue block on the left and from there jump onto the ledge. Run to catch the door open by cutting the corner and sprint to get inside. You have to use the swallows bug here. (Picture 49)

In the next room climb the ladder and take note of the keyhole, the door to the left after the timed room is to get back outside so don't bother going that way. Continue to find a small medipack at the left side and a SAS guy, climb the next ladder and continue straight and down the stairs. Pick up the revolver ammo from the table in the next room and continue down the stairs.

In the room with the big tanks there is a switch in the first one and to the far left. Jump to the middle flat surface of the first, jump then from the right or left to the one behind the column, tough I know. From the switch jump ahead to the second tank and enter the open door. Pass the fire in the crawlspace to the other side. You see some burning slopes in front, you can tell from the smoke. The middle slope is safe so you need to aim that one and jump on it. Now you need to make another jump to reach the block in front but it seemed impossible to me. So the way I passed it was to jump onto all the burning slopes exactly on the edge and continue like that until I could land safely on the other side. That way Lara didn't get burned.

Climb down the ladder, kill the SAS that drops some revolver ammo and pull the switch. Climb down the left ladder and pull the next switch you'll find to open the doors around the castle, that way you will have easy access to every area.

You must go back now because a door has opened. Climb down the left ladder, pass the switch you pulled earlier and climb up the next ladder. Jump to grab the fence-like structure above and pick up the flares at the end of it. Drop down and get inside the crawlspace again. Avoid the flame and drop down in the tank room and go find the ladder at the other side. After you pass the table from which you got some ammo earlier turn left and climb down the ladder, this is the door that has opened. In this room there is a trapdoor, drop down to find the sentry guns. Be careful to drop behind the gun so you're able to shoot it while the other one shoots at you and carefully get very close to the right corner and enter the crawlspace. Climb the ladder to find a room with fires, jump to the right side and land in the far right space, quickly shoot the grill and enter the crawlspace before the fire starts.

You are outside the castle in another area this time. Kill the SAS and pick up the uzi clips. Let's start with the middle big hole. We have very difficult jumps here. Get close to the gap and facing towards the South corner jump down and aim the flat surface on the block below. To succeed you need to press action at the right time for Lara to land safely. From there face South-West and do a running jump to the slide so that you can jump and grab the corner of the block ahead and get SECRET #1, a big medipack. (Picture 50 and 51) Turn North and try to slide on the slope to the left so that you land on the middle block of this area. If you succeeded then West. Use your binoculars to see a crawlspace, that's where you're going. Jump from the block towards it and at the last minute press action to grab it. Get in and find some flares in the next room.

If you think it's too difficult and you can't do it then you can skip the above part since it will only lead you to some flares. So from the secret now turn East towards the slope, jump to slide on it and at the last minute press action for Lara to land inside the opening. (Picture 52) After some crawling you get to a small area with blue slopes. If you look up there is a ladder, jump onto the slope's highest point that's in front of the ladder and grab to climb up. Get the flares and revolver ammo and get inside the crawlspace. Here get up the middle block and do a running jump to get inside the opening at the North-East corner, pull the switch and get up on the block to grab the crawlspace and exit this area. The door is open now so go in front of the second crawlspace not too close and with the revolver+laser-sight shoot to destroy a padlock in the opposite crawlspace. Once that's done shoot the grill nearby crawl a little, shoot another grill and climb up the ladder to find a switch. Pull the switch continue on the fenced floor to find some arrows and now drop down the hole. Pull the switch to make the trapdoor drop and turn left to enter a newly opened door.

You see a crawlspace on your right and over the hole a ladder. There is a boulder that will drop when you get across and try to climb the ladder. Make it drop and immediately jump over the hole again to avoid being squashed. Climb up and go find the UZI and uzi clips. Going back you see a slope in front of you. Turn around stay at the edge, back flip on the slope and grab the ladder, back flip again draw guns and shoot the grill, holster and grab the crawlspace. Get inside shoot the grill and grab the OLD KEY from the next room. Climb down and make your way to the hole the boulder dropped in, shimmy to the left side and get inside the crawlspace. Shoot another grill and get some flares and uzi clips plus the CROWBAR from that room, shoot a second grill up in a corner. If you can grab it it will get you at the beginning of the level after you drop to the water again but I found it easier to just go back the way I came.

Drop in the water and continue towards the door you opened at the beginning of the level and find the first crates you saw, one opens with the crowbar and has the EXTRA KEY. You have to go where you saw the hole for this key earlier. Go back passed these crates, climb up the ladder continue straight, climb up, turn left climb down another ladder go down the stairs and straight ahead is the fenced floor area with the keyhole. Use the EXTRA KEY and enter the room to find flares, uzi clips and by jumping across the trapdoor a big medipack.

From the side the medipack was drop down the trapdoor to land behind the second sentry gun. Destroy it get inside the crawlspace again that leads outside the castle. This time there are no fires but the floor still burns. When outside enter the East crawlspace that's on the right. Go down the ladder, kill the SAS guy get grenades, uzi clips and continue up the next ladder and down another one. Enter the crawlspace next to the ladder, use the OLD KEY, go back to find some revolver ammo and go through the open door. Up the stairs continue to the right, kill the SAS guys, grab the grenade ammo and get back to the crates. One is moveable, pull it out. Get the revolver ammo and use your crowbar, proceed to get to an area with many spikes, don't go down the ladder yet. Go to the right opening and face the South-East corner. Do the following; wait for the spikes to retrieve and sprint, when you get very close to the narrow opening while keep pressing sprint press crawl. If you do it right Lara will just fall into the water. Work your way through the blue rocks onto the one at the far right (see picture), from that block jump ahead to shoot two grills and get SECRET #2, a big medipack. (Picture 53)

Jump in the water and turn South to find a hole that will get you back to the spike room again. Now go to the left side, wait for spikes to retrieve and sprint pressing the crawl key at the last minute to get through. Drop down go up the tank with the fires and flip the jump switch that's hanging from one of its sides, drop again and look under the tank for a switch, pull it. Get back up the tank and to the East ledge. Crawl to the back of it drop and shimmy right, climb the ladder and stay to the right, pull up and jump to land on the right slope and from there back flip to land on a safe surface. (Picture 54)

Do a running jump from there to land on a ledge with a door to the left, then jump to land on a golden block and jump to the ledge next to it. From there jump to the other golden block and again to a platform on the far left. Jump on the corner of the slope next to the door and press the right arrow to grab the higher point of the structure above. Shimmy to the right and pull up. (Picture 55 and 56) Go to the right side of the structure and jump on the slope to your right, slide on the next slope and jump to flip the jump switch. Climb up the raised block next to you and go through the open door on the left. Pull the switch, go around to another opened door jump on the golden structure and turn left and look down to find another door open, find the switch inside and pull it. All the spikes are down now.

Before you leave this area go down on the raised block again and grab that crack on the tank you see ahead. Shimmy left shoot the grill and go find a switch, the door that opened is next the water down and has some goodies in, revolver ammo, flares. Shoot the SAS and get the flares he dropped. Drop down and make your way once again to the top of the golden structure and face East this time. Jump to pass over the slope on your left and land on the platform below. From there make a curved jump to the platform on the left. Turn left and see a slope, jump on it then to the one on the left and when on the last slope to the right press action for Lara to grab the big crawlspace. Get back to the spikes area and pull the switch that is closer to the ladder which leads down to the water holes. Get down and do a running jump to land inside the right water hole. Down there is an underwater lever pull it and find the way out, it will be via the current and you will get back up from the stairs and not the water holes. To find the switch swim left, right, down and to the left, up and left again. To get out again swim straight, down and to the right, straight, right again, up and straight again and finally to the left. Follow the tunnels to reach the current that will take Lara up.

Pull down the switch near the entrance and pull up the switch near the ladder that leads to the water holes. The first switch will raise the blocks down below and the second will turn off the fire they have. Climb down and get on one of the blocks, jump to catch the red bricks on the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side. Get inside the door, drop in the water get the revolver ammo from a hole and get back up via the ladder. Now jump to the right slope roll in mid air and from there jump to grab the higher slope. Grab it pull up and try to back flip and jump over the smaller slope in front of it but on its other side from the one you jumped on earlier so that you can make a jump to the next one and make it to the middle flat rock at the center of the pool where you see a small medi pack. (Picture 57)

Once you pick up the medipack a rock will fall making the pool dangerous so be careful not to fall inside now, grab the ladder and drop on the corner. Jump and grab either ledge in the next room with the big gap, shimmy all the way to the other side and pull up very close to the flat surfaces back flip and curve to land safely. Turn right get the flares and flip the jump switch. Get close to the water and use the crossbow+laser-sight, the revolver won't work as I found out, to shoot the grill down.

Drop into the water, turn left and swim until you find a room with an underwater lever and goodies, pull the lever and get out. Go to the other side and climb the ladder, the door is open now so get the AMULET. That's the end of the bonus level "Castle".


Load the savegame you kept at the elevator and this time go through the blue corridor but be careful because as soon as "Search" starts and you start to slide a boulder will come down. You need to sprint and get inside a hole ahead, grab KNOT 1 and jump out before the boulder crashes Lara. After you get the knot you can go back to get the big medi pack. Go up the stairs and search the room for flares. Now this is very tricky, you need to face North-West in the corner of the structure with fires and the pole (it's left from the entrance, the first corner) and jump directly in the hole to catch the pole. You need to be quick because soon a fire will start burning where the pole is and a boulder will start coming down.

As soon as you start sliding down the pole a little, back flip to the blue rock, immediately jump to the left and slide to another and from there jump down to reach the blue rock on its right side. Slide a little and jump forward to land on a safe flat block. Or you can do the same and jump backwards from the pole to the sloped blue rock but then jump with a left curve to land on a lower slope and from there jump down to the right side of the slope below to land to the flat rock. I found that way easier. (Picture 58 and 59)

From there you need to aim at the high left side of the sloped block ahead so that you can grab the ledge above it. Then another difficult jump this time aiming at the right high block ahead that looks sloped but Lara can actually stand on it. Once you make it up there then just jump to grab the crack in front of you and shimmy to the right to find a crawlspace. (Picture 60) Crawl inside get GEM 1 and get out the other way. Now from there make a running jump to the left slope, the one that is high enough to reach not the lower one, from there jump to the rock below and again to the one below that and to the left. Now jump to the rock with the GRENADE GUN.

From the grenade gun block jump forward to the next rock and make one more jump to land on the next rock's corner. You need to jump down below where you see a rock, you will lose some health though. From that ledge jump forward, don't try to grab Lara will fall down but try to land on it. One more jump from that block to get inside the big hole on your left. Work your way through the passages and find some flares and a pole to climb up. (Picture 61)

In the next room find a jump switch in the East corner and flip it. Face towards the West side of the pole and climb it again, you need to go high enough so that you can back flip to the block behind and land at exactly the middle top or Lara will slide down. Start sliding having the rope on your left hand and half way down curve to the left to grab the rope. Turn North and swing to catch the high ledge. Jump on the flat block you see and from there grab and climb up the ladder.

Pull the switch you see in that room continue the only way you can and climb down a ladder, again follow the corridor and pull another switch and climb up another ladder. The switch opened a door something like a shortcut between this area and the one outside because you'll need to go back and forth a few times. Also we have another easy access in the area with the pole and rope because the wooden tile in that room is now down. When back outside grab the pole again only this time climb up and back flip. Search the area for flares and a small medipack and go left from the closed door.

Get close to the gap and try to jump onto the flat surface of the blue rock down the hole. It's the exact same jump sequences you did in "Castle" (see pictures 50,51) to get the first secret. There is a crawlspace that will give you GEM 2. Go back and jump to the left slope and from there on the block to get the FIRST HALF COIN, (if you can't then get back here later on and get the gem because you need the coin first so while you are over the gap slide to the appropriate slopes on the opposite side to finally get to the block with the coin.) (Picture 62) Drop down and shoot the white box, climb up and get the CROWBAR from down the hole.

Drop to the water and swim to the South corner and into a crawlspace. Pull up from the water and go find a switch, this is timed and a very tight one so save here. Pull the switch press the look key and roll, sprint turn left, jump up run and jump on the block to the right, turn left drop down twice and jump over the spikes cutting the right corner, run to catch the door open. Slide down and when on the edge jump over the gap; go around to find KNOT 2. Do a running jump to catch the edge of the other side and close to the opening, slide down to a familiar place.

Repeat the jumps you did the first time to get back inside the big hole and make your way back to the room with the coin, grab it and swim back. This time the door should be open and you won't have to do the timed run again. The door on the left is open now at the area with the pole outside and you can climb down easily via the ladder to return where the other pole is. Grab the grenades when you get down the ladder but jump out of there quickly because spikes will come up. When you reach the room with the rope the wood will be down, climb up the ladder go around the other side and drop to the slope below, jump and enter the opening to push a lever. Now you can go up the ladder again jump onto the block and climb the ladder up. Turn left from the switch and right to climb down a ladder and find the SECOND HALF COIN. Go back to the previous room with the spikes, climb up the ladder and get to the bottom of the entrance with the pole, turn right and jump on the right corner of that big slope from the front of it.

You have to back flip from that block and grab the ladder, climb up turn left, left again and back flip to land safely. You're in the upper level now don't bother with the rest of the openings they are dead ends and have nothing, but jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing straight ahead. To grab the ceiling you need to do a running jump and turn left or right to grab it, and then go straight to the opening. Crawl over the sand and down the ladder to find a lever. Over the sand again and monkey swing back, go through the opened door next to the pole with the fires around and get down the ladders to find the door near one of them open, turn right and push the white block with the face as far as you can.

Go back to the other side the same way by monkey swinging and you will find an opening on the wall, there combine the two halves of the coin and place the coin. Return climb up the ladder and go through the double doors, place each knot to the left and right side and get GEM 3 and GEM 4. Proceed towards the Amulet, pick up a small medipack behind it and get the AMULET, a block will raise. Climb it and look up to see a climbable wall and a ladder. In the next area place the gems to open the door, go through it and go place another gem. Go back and through the other door.

Now place the last gem and let's get it over with, with the timed door first. With your back to the gem go right and down the ladder. Drop in the water first and search for an underwater switch at the right side, then get out and go turn the wheel but be prepared for a timed run. Go jump on the second far right block in the water then to the one forward, to the left one and jump onto the other side, sprint to crawl through the door that's closing. Don't try to save after pulling the wheel and reloading because there is a bug with this kind of timed run and you'll find the door closed. (Picture 63) In the next room go to the right, jump on the slope and flip a jump switch, move the blocks on the marked tiles in each of the corners.

Go through the doors and turn right push the lever and go to the left side, before you climb the block on your right there is a crawlspace high up get inside and pull the switch. Now you can go all the way to the left and get TRIDENT 1 from the hole down in the floor but you need to be quick because it's a very tight action and a boulder will crash Lara. Get out and through the other door that opens at Lara's approach, climb up and go to the other way opposite of where you are now. Jump over the hole but remember it and go to the first opening you will find, at the left side.

Enter the open door and in the spikes room push the lever and enter the newly opened door, climb the ladder slide down and get the EYE OF ISIS. Go back to where you placed the last gem, with the three openings but this time save your game in front of the hole in the floor you saw earlier. Draw guns, we need the pistols here and fall down, there is a vase half way through so try shooting at all times to smash it and open the trapdoor down there for Lara to drop in the water, otherwise she will die. Swim get out of the water, pick up TRIDENT 2 and pull the switch, climb up the ladder and turn left to place the tridents.

Take the DAGGER OF XIAN, find a small medipack and a jump switch at the right side of that room and proceed. Now if you turn to the left the level will end giving you Skill Level A but you have more to do so turn right. Kill the demigod get KNOT 3 and get out of the room then back in again and find a crossbow and arrows. Go back past the room with the tridents and now enter the next opening, continue up the stairs and turn right to enter the first opening. Pass a closed door which you will be placing the knots later on, climb down the ladder and jump into the water, go to the left side and pull a switch, now jump back to the water and go to the other side.

Make Lara pull up but when she falls back draw pistols and shoot at the box. Push the lever and get back the way you came, you can place the knot you have for now if you want. Go where you placed the last gem again (turn right and jump over the hole) and climb down the ladder opposite of the closed door, turn right get some arrows (you opened this door with the underwater switch) and go through the other opened door. Push the lever and turn right climb down through the open trapdoor and get the SCION from the small pool. Kill the demigods to get TWO SCROLLS, go place the scrolls, kill a third demigod, get KNOT 4 and run to climb the other ladder.

Jump to grab the crawlspace on the right, pry off the wall the STONE and drop through the trapdoor. Go place the second knot and now the door is open to place the Stone as well. Go back to the last gem you placed with the three openings to find the receptacle for the Stone. Go back down where you found the Scion using the ladder behind you and go through the double doors to get "BLUE IN THE BLUE". These names might remind you of something, two of the artifacts this one and the one named "Eye of Eve" in CIL 1 have the names of the two previous levels of the author. Go through the door that opened to end the level. The Skill Level is S which is the highest I presume.









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